Dan Matheson,

"Downsizing and investment real estate are my areas of focus in the real estate business. People sometimes tell me I am a real estate Nerd.

In college, I studied real estate appraisal.  My family has been in the real estate business for over 40 years and I helped manage that. So it was natural for me to get into the business full time after retiring from managing the Mertin Auto Group in Chilliwack. At the time I left that business I was a minority partner and the General Manager of the three dealerships and a lease business. In 30 years of growth, the business went from a small business to a company that had nearly 200 employees and sales of $100,000,000. 

I have also been a partner with Ambstep Homes in several large real estate developments. I am an experienced business man, an experienced negotiator, an experienced marketer, an experienced developer, and a real estate nerd. I just love the business.

I am a guy who loves finding value, that is why real estate work is so much fun for me. I get to put my marketing and negotiation experience to work: to go out and help people find what they are looking for and help them acquire it for the best possible price. Helping people maximize the value of their real estate investment is something I really enjoy.

If you are considering a real estate decision in the Fraser Valley, I would be a valuable advisor and would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.  It's my job to look after your best interests.

I look forward to working with you."

Office Location: 520-45715 Hocking Avenue, Chilliwack
Office Phone Number: 6043937880

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